Multiplex RR Extra 330 SC Silver-Red (MPX264283)

Multiplex RR Extra 330 SC Silver-Red (MPX264283)

Multiplex RR Extra 330 SC Silver-Red (MPX264283)

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Multiplex RR Extra 330 SC Silver-Red (MPX264283)

The 3D freestyle monster

This MULTIPLEX aerobatic model is the ultimate 3D freestyle machine for the experienced pilot. The RR model is finished. Mount only your own receiver, charge the drive battery (3S-LiPo), insert the wings and tailplane and the Extra 330 SC is ready for use. Feel like World Champion Gernot Bruckmann and fly the smaller ELAPOR® version of his successful aerobatic plane!

What comes out when one of the world's best RC pilots, with one of the world's best man-bearing aircraft companies Extra and the MULTIPLEX development sit down together to develop a new aerobatic model. In collaboration with Gernot Bruckmann, Extra Aircraft and Mirco Percorari (Aircraftstudiodesign), a top-of-the-line product has been developed whose details and sophisticated design are unparalleled. 

The MULTIPLEX Extra 330 SC is designed as an absolute unlimited 3D Freestylemonster and knows no bounds in the air. Its extremely strong construction sets new standards in the 1.2 m class.

All conceivable aerobatics are possible with this model. Due to the long lever arm, the aircraft flies very precisely, so that "pattern style" (program aerobatics) can be flown. The Extra 330 SC is very large for a model with a span of 1.15m and is a "must have" for all aerobatic fans. The powerful brushless motor is designed for the ultimate 3D flight. 

In this model, the list of features is long: 

  • Designed by Gernot Bruckmann 
  • Licensed by Extra Aircraft 
  • Extremely rigid, two-piece surface with CFRP tube spars and carbon fiber CFRP connection 
  • Extremely rigid hull with M-frame technology with intelligent battery attachment removable side and horizontal stabilizer
  • Large detachable canopy with tinted cockpit screen 
  • Detailed dashboard and shapely pilot figure
  • Molded CFRP main landing gear 
  • Plastic spinners and wheel covers 
  • Powerful brushless drive for 3S with 55A-S-BEC controller 
  • Precise control behavior through the four Hitec HS-82MG servos

Technical Specifications

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