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Useful links and information for RC Planes, cars, boats and drones.

RC Aircraft

  • BMFA (British Model Flying Association)

The BMFA is the National Governing Body for the sport of model flying. Its aims are to promote, protect, organise and encourage model flying within the UK. (see the Articles of Association)Typically there are around 780 affiliated clubs and a combined membership of over 36,000 members, all of whom have entered a partnership to ensure that model fliers have a voice and their rights are recognised by the authorities. The mandate for the BMFA to do this comes from the Royal Aero Club, dating back to 1922, the Civil Aviation Authority and Sport UK. The BMFA also represents the UK in the international forum through its recognition by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) and its model flying sub committee, Commission Internationale d'Aeromodelisme (CIAM). 

To visit the BMFA (British Model Flying Association) website CLICK HERE

  • LMA (Large Model Association)

The LMA was formed in the UK in 1982 to represent to the CAA and other bodies, the views and concerns of those who fly large models and to bring together those who share a common interest in them. You will find many fellow modellers within the association only too pleased to pass on good friendly advice. It is the only organisation specifically devoted to this branch of our hobby and is recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority as the specialist in the field. The LMA produces a journal, which is distributed free to all it’s members several times a year, this is full of interesting articles, technical advice, reports and modelling news.The Association regards large model flying as a hobby and recreation, not a competitive sport. We do feel however, that our hobby will be threatened if it becomes a nuisance or a danger in the mind of the public or aviation authorities. Therefore, we are concerned about safety and hence about competence in building and flying large models.

To visit the LMA (Large Model Association) website CLICK HERE

  • Model Airplane News

Model Airplane News is the #1 RC aircraft magazine. More readers trust Model Airplane News to provide them with the latest information and newest product reviews than any other RC publication. Published by Air Age Media, the largest multi-media company dedicated to enthusiasts of radio-control planes, helicopters, cars and boats, aviation and diecast collecting, Model Airplane News is distributed around the world. With its network of six category-leading magazines plus special issues, books, DVDs, 10 websites, The Radio Control Show (a weekly web broadcast) and RCX, the world’s largest radio control expo, Air Age Media reaches more than one million pilots, drivers, and collectors.

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RC Cars

  • BRCA (British Radio Controlled Car Association)

Essentially we race radio-controlled model racing cars, trucks and bikes, however this isn’t as simple a statement as it might seem! There are over 13 different classes ranging from small electric powered ones that do about 30mph through to cars powered by 3.5cc internal combustion engines that do over 80mph and even those with 23cc petrol engines. The racing caters for people from all backgrounds and doesn’t discriminate on sex, age, or disability. Radio-controlled model motor racing does provide a challenging sporting environment where the skill required to drive and build the cars can be tested against other likeminded competitors.

To visit the BRCA (British Radio Controlled Car Association) website CLICK HERE

RC Boats

  • MBPA (Model Power Boat Association)

The MPBA is the governing body for model boating in the UK. Find out about Scale, Multi (FSR-V), Tethered Hydros, Fast Electrics, Straight Running and Circuit (FSR H/O). We bring you up-to-the minute rankings from the various Championships, all the latest News from around the sections, a slick Forum with earnable achievements, reports from events and the most up-to-date Event Calendar and Club Directory and Map on the web. Most model boating disciplines have a dedicated website and links to each of these are shown on the relevant Section pages where you can find contact information relating to each boating type. It’s easy to join the MPBA – fees have been reduced for 2017 and we’d love to welcome you as a member via either an affiliated club or individually through the Countrywide Club.

To visit the MBPA (Model Power Boat Association) website CLICK HERE

  • MYA (Model Yachting Association)

Our sport can be split in to 2 disciplines, Radio Sailing and Free Sailing. Although both are still popular it is Radio Sailing that can be most easily found on a lake or water near you. Today’s yachts range from home built yachts whose owners get great pleasure from the building process, collectors and restorers who through their efforts keep the history and knowledge in our sport, to the top end competitive skippers who race their carbon fibre and kevlar boats at local, national and international level. Whatever level you wish to be involved there are people who will share your passion and commitment. Why not check out the rest of our site and use the club list to find a club near to you, make yourself known and talk to a skipper, most are more than willing to discuss our sport and even let you have a go. The MYA is recognised by the RYA as the governing body of Radio and Free Sailing within the UK.

To visit the MYA (Model Yachting Association) website CLICK HERE


  • CAA (Cival Aircraft Authority) Unamanned Aircraft and drones

To learn more regarding legal information from the authority that governs our skys, the CAA (Cival Aircraft Authority).  View the relevent section of their website CLICK HERE