Black Horse Dornier 335 EP ARTF

Black Horse Dornier 335 EP ARTF

Black Horse Dornier 335 EP ARTF

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The Black Horse Dornier 335 Pfeil (Arrow) is a replica of the unusual 1940s aircraft developed during World War II. The unique "push-pull" twin-engine layout provided the full size with incredible power and low aerodynamic drag allowing for speeds up to 474mph!

The dual rotor system will truly add something different to your model collection as there really isn't anything else like this on the market.

Made from CNC cut ply/balsa the Do335 is both lightweight and strong, the airframe is then covered in high quality pre-printed film in an accurate scheme with pre-printed panel lines.

In flight the Do335 tracks through the sky with the accuracy of a pattern plane thanks the long fuselage whilst the low wing loading makes it docile and forgiving at slower speeds. The fin on the underside protects the rear propeller on both takeoff's and landings. The tricycle undercarriage offers stability during take offs/landings and when taxing and oleo legs are included as standard.

For reliability and ease the Do335 is designed for electric power only with a large hatch for easy battery access. Using two brushless motors (1000-1800W) and a 6S 5,000mAh battery you will have plenty of power to make the Dornier really stands out in flight.


  • Includes oleo struts

  • CNC balsa/ply construction

  • Covered in pre-printed heat shrink film

  • Designed for electric

  • Large battery hatch

  • Large flaps for slow speed flight


  • ESC :2 x 60A (Rec.)

  • Wingspan:1,724mm (67.87in).

  • Length:1,731mm (68.15 in).

  • Weight:6 kg (13.2lbs).

  • Servos:7 servos

  • Radio System :6 channels

  • Electric Motor:2 x Brushless outrunner 1000-1800W, 800KV (Rec.)

  • Wing Area:61.4dm2

  • Wing Loading:97.72g/dm2

  • LiPo:6S (Req.)

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