Charitable Contributions

RC Recycling Program

Al’s Hobbies offer an RC Recycling program, whereby you can donate your old RC aircraft or other equipment and the value of the sale of your items go straight to the air ambulance service. Al’s Hobbies can also offer a collection service for these items in some cases. Please call Tel: 01908 313142 if you’d like to take advantage of the collection service.

Al's Hobbies - Charitable Contributions

Al’s Hobbies continue our support of the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, as well as ensuring your charitable donations make their way to the right place.


Charitable donations have totalled:

5th June 2013 - £545.06

26th August 2014 - £335.47

10th November 2016 - £70.08

23rd June 2017 - £103.99

15th February 2018 - £95.04

17th September 2018 - £81.87