Tamiya R/C Leopard 2 A6 With Option Kit (56020)

Tamiya R/C Leopard 2 A6 With Option Kit (56020)

Tamiya R/C Leopard 2 A6 With Option Kit (56020)

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Widely recognized as the best modern day Main Battle Tank (MBT), Tamiya introduces the latest German Leopard 2 tank, the Leopard 2 A6, to the 1/16 scale R/C tank series. Tamiya's biggest R/C tank ever, it's just like driving the real thing!

Tamiya R/C Leopard 2 A6 Features

  • Overall length: 688mm, Overall width: 237mm

  • Comes with DMD Unit T-07 for real action movement, lighting and digital sound effects

  • 2 lighting modes (same as the real tank) for a total of 7 lighting combinations

  • Real action movement includes:

  • Rotating turret: 360 degrees in 9 seconds (same as the real tank)

  • Gun elevation: maximum elevation 20 degrees, maximum depression 9 degrees

  • Sharp turning and pivot turning

  • Gun automatically reloads and returns to original firing position

  • Recoil action after firing main gun

  • Engine start-up, shut down, acceleration, discharge etc. digitally recorded from real tank

  • Propelled by 2 Type 540 running motors

  • The 1/16 Scale Leopard 2 A6 is Tamiya's biggest R/C tank ever! Height: 186mm, Rear turret to gun tip: 688mm, Width: 237mm, Weight (fully loaded): 4750g

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