TopFlite P-47 .61 Thunderbolt ARF (A-TOPA0955)

TopFlite P-47 .61 Thunderbolt ARF (A-TOPA0955)

TopFlite P-47 .61 Thunderbolt ARF (A-TOPA0955)

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TopFlite P-47 .61 Thunderbolt ARF (A-TOPA0955) is another fine warbird to build on the recent releases from TopFlite. The P-47D Thunderbolt was the largest, heaviest, single seat piston-engine fighter-bomber ever to be built in series. Put into service in 1943, this aircraft flew innumerable successful missions. Pilots very much appreciated the good armour, seeing this almost as guarantee for a safe return. This ARF kit is distinguished mainly by the high degree of prefabrication, so that only a short building time will produce an excellent replica P-47D with a striking appearance. The many, for the most part already fitted, details such as painted fibreglass cowl, dummy radial engine, completely finished cockpit, or decals allowing three different reproductions of an original P-47 trim to be realised, will enthuse even the critical scale modeller. With well-balanced flight characteristics, the P-47 Thunderbolt will execute all the classic war bird maneuvers, and, thanks to the flaps, is also easy to land.

Technical specification:

Wingspan: 1600 mm

Length: 1420 mm

Wing area: 46,5dm²

Weight: 3900-4500 g

Wing loading: 84-97 g/dm²


Ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle, flaps, retractable landing gear


- 2-stroke 12.5-15 ccm or 4-stroke 20 ccm Motor

- Airscrew, 13x 7 (2-stroke) /14 x 8 (4-stroke)

- min. 6-channel RC-System

- Servo with min. 5 kg/cm torque, (7-8)

- 4.8 V Receiver Battery min. 1300 mAh

Recommended accessories:

- Order no: TACJ2852, RC-Set TTX850

- Order no: TACM0247, Servo TSX47, 7-8 pieces


- Wooden sheeted and MONOKOTE-covered fuselage, wings and tail unit

- Chequered painted fibreglass engine cowling, dummy radial engine, cockpit canopy, ready-installed plastic wheel wells

- Mechanical retractable landing gear, tail wheel.

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