UMX Aero Commander BNF Basic RC Plane with AS3X (EFLU5850)

UMX Aero Commander BNF Basic RC Plane with AS3X (EFLU5850)

UMX Aero Commander BNF Basic RC Plane with AS3X (EFLU5850)

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UMX Aero Commander BNF Basic RC Plane with AS3X (EFLU5850)

New from the E-Flite stable. The UMX Aero Commander BNF Basic RC Plane with AS3X (EFLU5850). Few lightweight, twin-engine civil aircraft compare to the efficiency, comfort and performance offered by the Aero Commander. More importantly, the design series consistently produced an airplane pilots love to fly. No better proof of that fact was the precision aerobatics airshow Robert A. “Bob” Hoover performed in a Commander for decades. The E-flite® UMX™ Aero Commander brings the twin-engine icon to life with bountiful brushless power, aerobatic capabilities and exclusive AS3X® technology for an overall flight experience that feels rock-solid enough to double your ultra-micro fun. 

E-flite Aero Commander

Despite the dramatic wing planform and tall vertical fin, this beautiful twin-motor model comes out of the box fully assembled so you can get into the air quickly. The lightweight airframe boasts a carbon-fiber reinforced wing for added durability and performance. Careful attention to the scale outline highlights a detail list that includes panel lines and a vivid three-color trim scheme. The powerful twin-motor power system features a pair of brushless outrunners and three-blade props to deliver that exciting multi-engine sound. The removable wire landing gear includes a steerable nose wheel for outstanding ground handling. Independent linear servos provide the accuracy and performance to enjoy sport aerobatics such as point rolls and big loops with precision while AS3X® technology delivers the ultimate in control, even if it’s a bit windy. 

UMX Aero Commander BNF Basic

Brushless Twin-Motor Power 
The UMX Aero Commander model boasts a pair of powerful 3000Kv brushless motors, so you can leap into the air and groove through precision aerobatics and dramatic vertical maneuvers. 

Brushless twin-motor power

AS3X® Stabilization Technology 
The AS3X technology built into the receiver works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects wind and turbulence can have on the airplane in flight. The result is a sense of stability and precision that makes you feel like you’re flying a much larger airplane. 

AS3X® Stabilization Technology
Removable Landing Gear and Steerable Nose Wheel 
The wide-stance main gear and steerable nose wheel make it fun to fly from smooth surfaces. If you desire a more realistic appearance in flight, or plan to land on grass, the landing gear can easily be removed without tools. 

  Removable Landing Gear and Steerable Nose Wheel
Long Flights 
You can use a 2S 450mAh LiPo battery pack to achieve flight times of up to 10-minutes. There's ample room for a 2S 800mAh LiPo battery that can deliver flight times of 15- to 20-minutes. 

Long flights
Bind-N-Fly® Completion
The UMX Aero Commander arrives 100% factory-assembled and ready to fly right out of the box. It's equipped with Spektrum® 2.4GHz technology that will bind to a 4+ channel DSM2®/DSMX® transmitter so you can be flying within minutes of opening the box. (Flight Battery, Transmitter, and Charger Sold Separately)

 Bind-N-Fly Basic Completion


  • Wingspan approx.: 715 mm
  • Fuselage length approx.: 512 mm
  • Wing area approx.: 6,0 dm²
  • Weight (ready to fly): 145 - 160g
  • Center of gravity: 15-20mm from leading edge
  • Box contents:
  • Receiver: DSMX®/DSM2® Compatible with AS3X® technology
  • Motor: 180BL 3000KV
  • Servos: 4x incl.
  • Propeller: 2x incl.

Needed to complete:

  • Radio: min. 4-Channel DSM2/DSMX
  • Batteries: LiPo 2S 450-800mAh
  • Charger: LiPo Charger

UMX Aero Commander BNF Basic

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